Underwriting and Issue Management


ICML, a subsidiary of ICB has established itself as an unparalleled and leading merchant bank providing best-in-class services in managing public issue and other related activities. ICML has achieved remarkable success in issue management by delivering perfect blend of diligent service and trust. It has continued to execution excellence, coupled with a high level of integrity to its client relationships & other assistance to companies in various forms with a view to accelerate the pace of industrialization as well as to develop a well-organized, buoyant and sustainable capital market of the country.


ICML provides Issue Management, Underwriting and Consultancy services to potential companies intend toraise capital through Initial Public Offering (IPO), Repeat Public Offering (RPO), Rights Issue (RI), Private Placement of shares, Debt Securities (Bond, Debenture), Preference shares and also Corporate Advisory, Capital Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions.

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