Board of Directors


Kazi Sanaul Hoq Chairman, ICML &
Managing Director, ICB

Brief Profile

Mr. Kazi Sanaul Hoq has been Managing Director of Investment Corporation of Bangladesh since August 10, 2017. Mr. Hoq served as Managing Director and Director of Agrani Bank Limited since August 15, 2016 until August 29, 2016. Mr. Hoq has been General Manager of Bangladesh Development Bank Limited (BDBL) since August 29, 2013. He served as Deputy Managing Director of Agrani Bank Limited until August 15, 2016. He started his Banking career as a class-I officer in Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB) in 1984. During his long Banking career, he worked in different divisions in ICB and demonstrated outstanding performance in the respective area of operations. He served as Secretary to the Board of ICB from March 23, 2005 to June 30, 2008. He also served as the Chief Executive Officer of ICB Securities trading company Ltd. from July 1, 2008 to March 20, 2011. He served in Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank from March 21, 2011 to April 27, 2011. Mr. Hoq obtained B.Com (Hons) and M. Com in Accounting from Dhaka University.

Mr. Md. Asaduzzaman Khan

Director, ICML,
Managing Director, IIDFC

Brief Profile

Mr. Md. Asaduzzaman Khan, Managing Director, Industrial & Infrastructure Development Company (IIDFC) joined ICML as Director in September 2012. Prior to his joining in IIDFC, he was the Executive Director of Bangladesh Bank where he served more than 32 years and worked in important departments including Banking Regulations and Policy Department (BRPD), Foreign Exchange Policy Department (FEPD), and Bank Supervision Departments. Mr. Khan was appointed as Administrator of the taken over problem-ridden Oriental Bank Ltd. (now ICB Islamic Bank Ltd.) and successfully helped smooth transition of the Bank with new owners and new management under central bank’s reconstitution scheme within a short period of 18 months. An Associate of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (DAIBB), Mr. Khan completed his B.A. (Hons) and M.A. in Economics from the University of Dhaka and also did M.A. in Banking and Finance from the University of Wales, UK. Mr. Khan is also the Member Representative and Director of IIDFC Securities Ltd. and IIDFC Capital Ltd.

Prof. Dr. Md. Kismatul Ahsan

Professor, Department of Finance
Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka

Brief Profile

Professor Dr. Md. Kismatul Ahsan joined ICML in November, 2012. He has 33 years of experience in teaching and research works. He has passed 4 years as the Vice-Chancellor of Leading University, Sylhet. He has served as a faculty member of the Department of Finance in both Dhaka University and Rajshahi University. He acted as the Chairman of the Department of Finance and Banking in Rajshahi University. Professor Ahsan was also the Director of the MBA Program and the Student Advisor of the Department of Finance, Dhaka University. Mr. Ahsan completed his B.Com. (Hons) and M.Com. in Finance from the University of Dhaka and also did MBA (Major in Finance) from Western Michigan University of United States. He is involved as an expert member in the selection boards of many academic institutions and corporate bodies. He acted as a consultant for many local NGOs and has participated in different seminars and workshops, both home and abroad. Professor Ahsan is also a life member of Dhaka University Alumni Association, Dhaka University Finance Alumni Association, and Lion’s Club.

Md. Humayun Kabir Chowdhury

Director, ICML
Professor and Chairman , Department of Marketing
Jagannath University

Brief Profile

Md. Humayun Kabir Chowdhury Some of his notable papers include , “A Multivariate Model of Partitioned Country-of-Origin on Consumer Quality Perceptions," "A Multivariate Model of Perceived Quality in a Developing Country," , “Consumer Evaluations of Beautification Products: Effects of Extrinsic Cues,” , “Consumer Attitude Toward Mobile Advertising in a Developing Country: An Empirical Study” “Exploring Antecedents of Consumers’ Value Perceptions: A Cognitive Assessment,” , “Effectiveness of Uncertain Product Attribute(s) on Consumer Product Evaluations: A Conceptual Framework,” “Designing Research in Marketing: The Importance of Theory Application,” and so on. He attended Rajshahi University (Bangladesh) for his B.Com (Hons.) and M.Com in Marketing and Yokohama National University (Japan) for MBA in Marketing and Ph.D. in Consumer Behavior. Prior to joining the Department of Marketing at Jagannath University, he served as the Pro Vice Chancellor at Southeast University, Dean and Chairperson at East West University, Associate Professor at North South University and Rajshahi University. He joined ICML as a Board Member on 10-05-2018.

Quazi M. Munzur-I-Muqshed
Deputy Secretary
Financial Institution Division (FID)
Ministry of Finance
Govt. Republic of Bangladesh

Brief Profile

Mr. Quazi M. Munzur-I-Muqshed joined ICML on 10.06.2018 as nominated Director from the Financial Institution Division, Ministry of Finance, Govt. Republic of Bangladesh. He is currently working as Deputy Secretary of (1) Project Management II (2) Microfinance institutions and MRA of FID.

Ms. Dipika Bhattacharjee
General Manager, ICB

Brief Profile

Ms. Dipika Bhattacharjee is the General Manager of Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB). She joined ICB in 1987 as a Senior Officer. During her 30 years’ of service, she performed her duties with utmost sincerity in different department/division of ICB including the company secretary. She completed her Graduation and Post-Graduation degrees in the Discipline of Finance from the University of Dhaka. Currently, she is the General Manager of the Administrative Wing of ICB.

Mr. Md. Sohel Rahman
CEO (Additional Charge), ICML

Brief Profile

Mr. Md. Sohel Rahman,CEO (Additional Charge), is nominated by People’s Republic of Bangladesh Government through Finance Ministry, Financial Institution Department. Exchange & ICB Branch notification dated 31-05-2017. He completed his M.A in Economics from University of Rajshahi in 1987 and started his career with ICB in 1989. He also obtained Diploma in Banking First Part from the Institution of Bankers Bangladesh. During his service tenure, he worked in different Division/Department/Branch of ICB and Subsidiary Company in various capacity and also participate in various training program in home and abroad. He has joined ICB Capital Management Limited as Chief Executive Officer (Additional Charge) on May 31, 2017.

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